Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Bunny and old guys

I was going for ornery.

Right - Heart attack
Left - Choking

Chris' Easter Bunny and Old Man Poses

Yuko's "Old" Character Poses

The old man turn around cleaned up.
The old man poses.
It has sunk to old man violence... -coughLiveJournalCutscough-

Old (sick) easter bunny character.


I'm doing something bright and happier for the final!

Kengo's Easter Bunny and poses

Amir's Stuff

Nicola's poses and Easter Bunny

I used Chris's old man design.

Choking on Chicken

Heart Attack

Amy Bunny and Oldman poses

Serena's Easter Bunny Design and Poses

Jenny's Old Man Poses and Bunny

Dom's Easter Bunny and Old Man

I redesigned my old man:

Shanna's Design and Poses

Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy Easter!

heart attack pose

Choke pose

vivian's poses and design

Cory's Stuff

Shaan's rabbit/old guy poses

Happy Easter?

Choking on a chicken bone.

Having a heart-attack.

Roxana's old guy poses and rabbit design

This is the redesign of my easter bunny after critique.

My old guy choking on a chicken bone.

My old guy having a heart attack.

Heart attack / Choking on a chiken Bone


Clumsy bunny, uh-oh.

Chicken bone/ heart attack

Happy Easter yall